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Kelli Moore founded The Collection Coach in 2007. As the spouse of a chiropractor and an avid researcher, she recognized the need of chiropractors to understand exactly how insurance works. Kelli has seen first-hand the accounting aspects of a chiropractic office and all the collections and write-offs that we take. Kelli is a “by-the-book” chiropractic business advisor that works tirelessly to help chiropractors make and keep more of their money through compliant coding, documenting, and office systems.

Kelli has spent countless hours researching and has the following credentials:

  • MCS-P Certification (Medical Compliance Specialist- Physician)
  • ChiroCode Certified Chiropractic Professional Coder (CCCPC) — 2014 ChiroCode
  • Certificate of Training in Medicare Documentation — 2011 Trailblazers/CMS
  • Training in OIG Compliance with Medicare Documentation Requirements of Chiropractic Services
  • Masters in Coding and Documenting Certificate — 2010 Ces Soyring, Texas Chiropractic College
  • Certificate Chiropractic Assistant — 2000 NACA (National Association of Chiropractic Assistants)
  • Fifteen Years of Chiropractic Office Management — Through the use of education, systems, forms, and compliance. Kelli has doubled, tripled and even quadrupled the income of the practices she has owned and/or managed
  • 2010 to Present — Multiple Speaking Engagements. Kelli is one of the main speakers in the “How to Get Paid, Legally, Honestly, and Ethically” Seminar on Documentation and Coding of Chiropractic Services
  • 2009 Co-Presenter of “How to Grow Your Practice and Get Paid”. A state-wide presentation of collection strategies and principles. Sponsored by Provider Law

Kelli has completed the requirements for Medical Compliance Specialist Physician Certification in October 2014. This certification requires yearly 24 hours of continuing education to stay current.

The Medical Compliance Specialist - Physician (MCS-P) Certification Course is an in-depth training with an examination of regulatory compliance issues associated with a physician's practices. The MCS-P training provides healthcare professionals with a solid foundational compliance base and knowledge of the healthcare laws and regulations which influence all physicians across all spectrums of Medicine.